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Dear Dr. Ellie: I am loving the system so far Ellie! My question is, if I get staining from the dead plaque, is a dentist the only one that can remove it? Is there maybe a way I could safely remove these stains or is the dentist the only answer? Thanks again Ellie!

 – a

Dear A:

Glad to hear the great news.

I am told that brushing with coconut oil can take most of these stains away. You would gently brush for several minutes – and the oil dissolves the stains away.

I would be interested to have any feedback from anyone else who try this – does it work for everyone? I don’t know yet – but I think it is possible.


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  • Michelle says:

    If I want to try this, would you suggest doing it just before one of the two daily rinse/brush/rinse/rinse sessions? Or would it be better to just follow it with some Zellies and leave the teeth to "rest" for a few hours before subjecting them to brushing again?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I have tried brushing with coconut oil and I think it does help to get stains (and probably old plaque) off teeth.I also think it changes things – so I would not suggest using this too often.I think we need to be careful because it feels as if it takes just a little of the pellicle layer away ( the same fear I have with too many dental cleanings).I would do this "oil cleaning" during the day – and then follow with some Zellies – and leave the teeth to "rest" before brushing again.I think this comment shows that you get and understand the need to be gentle with our mouth/teeth.It is so easy when we find something that works to be excited and use it more than necessary.Thanks for the comment –

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