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Hi Dr. Ellie!
 My husband and I, as well as two clients, have been using your protocol for 3 – 4 weeks now. I just want to thank you for what you are doing. I am seeing good results with yellow areas on the teeth slowly whitening, gums improving, teeth shinier, no plaque!
 I’m starting to tell people and clients about it more and I want to get all the facts better. Actually, I think you are a courageous woman. I’m finding some people, mostly those in the more holistic dental profession, have very harsh comments about this protocol, particularly related to the fluoride use and the Listerine alcohol. Hopefully, in time, there might be some better products, with better ingredients to do the job.
 I saw that CloSYS has a Fluoride toothpaste. It contains Chlorine Dioxide and some of the same ingredients as Crest but without the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is still a problem in my mind because of avoiding it for a long time – ala Hulda Clark. What is the problem with the CloSYS Fluoride toothpaste? Do the oxygenating properties of of the chlorine dioxide interfere with the action of the fluoride you’re looking for? I wonder if it could possibly enhance it? Please enlighten me. I’m sure you are aware of the CloSYS one-day sale on Thursday. If not, let me know and I’ll forward you the link.
 I know, I can hear you say, don’t change anything in the protocol. But I just thought I would ask.
 Hope you are doing well.
 All the best,
Hi B
I am happy to explain this because I think “training the trainers” is a wonderful way to spread the word.
If someone is on the edge and nervous about my program – I think one important question for them to consider is “how are their teeth NOW”? 
Persuasive FACTS to Consider:
Mouth health directly impacts body health – cardiovascular, joint health and brain health – for a START!!
I try to persuade people to view this initially as a way to “get back to health” and then make a decision about long term use – once people know what healthy teeth feel like – they usually “get this”. 
This is a method can take someone to a state of ultimate oral health.
It can rid your mouth of dental disease and create a sustainable environment – with healthy oral ecology + tooth and gum healing and protection.
NO PROTOCOL I know about in the dental or holistic world can achieve this.
I think avoiding treatment is huge – you can debate if mercury or white fillings are worse – I say that natural tooth health and AVOIDING treatments is by far the best way.
Quick information about Protocol:( discussed in more detail in my book)
Crest paste : Crest contain components essential for tooth remineralization – the amount of SLS is insignificant in this paste and it appears to be bound in some way so that no problems are ever reported. Make sure to only have the original Crest Cavity Protection paste – not a look alike or with other additives – stress this on people. It provides a “protection”layer to the tooth surface to protect the enamel from the acidity of Listerine.
Listerine: Listerine should be considered an essential oil rinse – yes it is acidic ( why you prepare your teeth with a coating of Crest before using it. Use any other paste and you will not get this help) and it contains alcohol ( great studies show this is not a problems with Listerine but anyway….) we rinse this off after one minute. Studies show that a one minute rinse with Listerine will get rid of all the main pathogens responsible for gum disease in one minute. Even the most powerful chlorhexidine etc take five minutes or more to do this.
Fluoride: After the acidic rinse we can use the catalyst effect of a dilute fluoride rinse to make teeth repair themselves and become more acid resistant, shinier ( so bacteria have less chance to stick) and also leaves a protective film on the outside of teeth that repels infection and damage etc. You are not drinking this. It is dilute – ACT is about 11,000 times less concentrated that the gels that people use ( and I would never recommend). it happens to work better than the stronger gels – but that fact is often lost on professionals who endorse fluoride. I am an anti-fluoride in the water supplies – read the chapter on fluoride in my book for all the details!
Hope this explains – it is so important to reach these ambivalent folks with dental disease.
Why do they all have gum recession, loose and broken teeth, etc….because baking soda, holistic pastes, etc and peroxide do not work like my system does!!
Best wishes,

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