Where to Store a Toothbrush

Dear Dr. Ellie,

You say to store your brush away from any toilet area—

Does this mean not to store it in the bathroom at all???

Dear M: 
The answer to storing toothbrushes depends on the layout of your bathroom.
If you have a toilet next to the sink – you should consider cleaning your teeth in the kitchen perhaps?
Hotel bathrooms are the worst when they are small and everything next to each other.
Just remember that flushing a toilet sends a plume of spray into the surrounding air. The volume of spray will depend on the force of the “flush” – so it will be different for everyone in every situation.
Building a house? Consider separation of toilet and sink areas!

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  1. This is why (for over a decade now) I always flush with the lid down, and I will teach my future children to do the same. I also keep the toothbrushes inside a cabinet, so I have double protection.

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