Dear Dr. Ellie:

YOU WROTE: You definitely will find xylitol can help you. If you are traveling this may be your best bet – possibly with a good probiotic ( although I have not yet been convinced about Evora). Health food stores sell great probiotics – or Joseph Mercola – has an on-line resource ( this is the product my family trust).

I found a complete Probiotic by Dr. Mercola, his article referenced digestion but nothing about oral care like Evora does. Is that the product… Or is there another? That was all I found on his website..,

But should I even bother to add a Probiotic with your program??


Hi MC,

I think there in dentistry there is not nearly enough focus on GROWING a healthy film over teeth to protect them. Every dentist worries about CLEANING teeth – but this is not the complete story.

We NEED healthy bacteria in our mouth – we need a protein layer to cover over teeth to protect them. If your digestion is poor, if you diet is questionable, if your immune system is weak – then you need help from probiotics – and I have seen probiotics really help patients.

If you are trying to heal gums or teeth – I suggest you throw everything you can at your problem for 6 months – one year. This way you will CURE the problem – and then you can decide to phase back and maybe just use xylitol and my system after the damage is healed.

Probiotics you take internally will by-pass any direct effect on the mouth – but they work in the digestive tract – to aid absorption of minerals, aid your immune system, help activate enzymes which help balance blood glucose levels. All these positive changes are reflected in healthier saliva – IN YOUR MOUTH!!

Saliva is a liquid that comes from a filtration of your body system liquids – so it reflects the chemistry of your body. That is why I like to correct the mouth systemically ( using a “whole body” perspective). I let yogurts and fermented foods in your diet provide probiotics in the mouth for oral health, as nature intended.

I believe there is no substitute for good nutrition – but when we are in need of “help” our nutrition can be boosted with the addition of minerals, supplements and probiotics – to “lift” us into a position of health.

I hope this explains.


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