Crooked Teeth in Adulthood

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you a question.

I have pretty good teeth yet over the past 2 years the bottom row have begun to get crooked. I’m in my 50’s and don’t want to get braces, but I can feel some different pressure beginning where the teeth are getting close. If I live a long time and they continue on this track it won’t feel good and I think they will get weaker.

Any suggestions? What about invisalign? I’m not sure what keeping your teeth straight by force does to the gums and future oral/mouth health. Maybe you can direct to someone who knows if you do not.

Thanks again,

Hi CH,
I am not in a position to diagnose with a message online, but most teeth begin to move because of a problem with their attachment to the jaw bone. This would mean that although you cannot SEE a disease process – something is going on under the gums.
This is very normal for women over the age of 35 – and is the greatest danger to your teeth. Bad germs can live in the gum pocket around teeth and slowly destroy the attachment of the tooth to bone. This does not NEED to happen – and my system would help stop this process – if this is the reason that your teeth are moving.
I warn women in particular to avoid baking soda and peroxide (whitening) products – since these can cause gum recession, because they remove a healthy protein film that keeps your gums healthy, and may cause tooth loss – quite quickly.
Xylitol must be used in adequate amounts and with adequate frequency. The rinse system that I recommend must also be exact – with every product exact. There are dietary changes that help – some foods to avoid and some to add.
You can read my book, my blog and my website and gain most of this information. If you prefer to talk to me in person, I would be delighted to help you. I charge $115 for a half hour consult – but I would expect this to be enough time to help you stop this problem forever. I would also be delighted to check my list of dental contacts and recommend a dentist in your area who may be able to help you move forward on a pathway to ultimate oral health.
Please let me know if I can help you,
Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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