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Do you know of the drink Kombucha? I have not yet begun using your system, as I am still understanding how it works and what to gather, but i do know you recommend avoiding acidic drinks, and i have heard that the fermented drink Kombucha is quite acidic, but it also has many health benefits for digestion. So what do you suggest to people, like me, who like to drink something like kombucha but want to restore their teeth health? Is there a way to enjoy both?

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Hi J,

Yes, I am very familiar with Kombucha and I think it is quite acidic.

There are many healthy foods and drinks that are acidic and quite damaging to teeth (spinach and rhubarb have oxalic acidic, citrus fruits, certain teas etc.)

I do not recommend avoiding acidic drinks – simply you must avoid long periods of acidity that will damage your teeth. The secret is to drink acidic drinks either before or during a meal – and end the meal with a tooth-protective food like some xylitol, alkaline dairy, nuts or fresh vegetables like celery. Xylitol has other benefits for teeth – since it stimulates a flow of alkaline saliva in the mouth – that help restore teeth.

I also suggest a sequence of specific mouth rinses that work within this system – synergistically with the xylitol to restore, rebuild and beautify teeth. Details are on my website – but if you would like a session of personal coaching to help you build this into your lifestyle and have me work with you to do this – then please let me know.

I hope this is helpful! You may enjoy my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye – it explains all of this!~

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Ellie Phillips DDS
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