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Dear Dr Ellie,

I listened to your conference yesterday (08/10/11). It was really informative. It seams I was doing everything opposite than what you have recommended.

Do you recommend using xylitol on regular basis? Do we gargle couple times a day or mix it in drink and use as a beverage? When I went to the dentist last time, she said I have one developing cavity in back of my tooth other wise everything looks good. Please tell me how I should get rid of this without filling.

Appreciate your help.


Hi J,

Thanks for your message – it seems that this conference discussion generated a lot of interesting questions!

Xylitol can be used to remineralize teeth and help repair them – but it can also eliminate the bacterial disease from saliva to “clean” it.

For remineralization – xylitol is best taken after any drink or meal that could cause damage to teeth because of its carbohydrate content or acidity.

I advise patients to have a little xylitol after everything they eat or drink.

For eliminating bacterial disease you need AT LEAST 5 grams of xylitol each day.

The elimination works best if xylitol is taken in divided doses throughout the day (especially after any carbohydrate that give energy to plaque bacteria and allow them to multiply on teeth).

Putting these needs together will give you ideas for recommending how to use xylitol.

Basically aim for 5 grams or more each day and try to have 5 or more exposures each day.

Most people snack and eat and drink about 5 times a day (So i ask the question ” how often do you eat?” – and then assess if xylitol dosage will fit with their meal patterns).

For someone with a dry mouth or sensitive teeth – I often suggest dissolving xylitol in water and sipping this often.

It seems that this constant tiny amount will help develop a healthy biofilm to protect teeth and take away the sensitivity ( probiotics, mineral supplements, fish oil and fermented dairy may be needed also) .

Dissolving xylitol in water is also good for older adults or younger children who may not eat mints or may not chew gum.

Hope this explains the situation – there is more about xylitol here:

Thanks so much for your question – I hope I gave you the information you were looking for.

I would definitely recommend my Complete Mouth Care System to you –

I am certain that if you follow my instructions you can reverse your impending cavity and avoid a filling.

If you have hesitations because of the ingredients in the rinses that I recommend – I would be happy to give you a personal consultation – to allay any fears and explain why I recommend the products that I recommend.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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