Dear Dr, Ellie,

My 12 year old (whom had all his baby molars capped with silver caps when he was younger) now has all his permanent teeth. Thank God his last dental check up went well.

He now has all his permanent teeth and no cavities or decay. The dentist is suggesting that we put sealants on his back molars in order to protect them from cavities. When I asked him if the sealants were to break would that be damaging, he hastily replied the sealants go deeper in the grooves and continue protecting the teeth.

I have read the chapter on sealants in your book many many times. I have not been able to decide what to do. On one hand you write that we can create healthy bacteria in the molars and they may be protected for years or life.

(I have been treating him with xylitol for a couple of months as well as the rest of the family)

But what if he is infected with bacteria that is not healthy in college or sleep away camp or at school, and has also stopped the xylitol since I am not there to remind him to have it.

Then is it not better he is protected with sealants ?

The ADA seems to encourage it.

This question is also for my six year old.

He also has all his baby molars capped with silver caps. One set of permanents came in now and the dentist would like to apply sealants on those.

I want to do what is best for them as any Mother. I recently had a root canal and do not want them to go through all the dental tortures I have experienced.

Another interesting question is, is are the metal caps harmful in any way. It seems like a good solution. Because I assume there is no bacteria on the teeth once they are covered.

The child only has to be sedated one time and all his molars are protected.

Thank you,


Hi IA,

I think it would be very difficult for you to trust me if I remain simply “an internet person” at the end of an e-mail. After all, I am asking you to take a road that is very different from the road your health professional advises.

I believe you need to trust the person who is treating your children and follow their advice or feel much more informed and confident if you decide to take an alternative approach. If you really want more of my advice – I feel we should talk on the phone. A phone consultation would be $75 for a half hour.

The reason I feel that you need to be confident, is that there are many factors to consider. It is NOT easy to take on the responsibility for one’s children’s health and decide NOT to follow traditional advice. I understand this. I work with people who rebel and are happy to turn against tradition. I also understand the concern of those who are nervous to make this decision.

Standing in the middle will not work. If you try to balance the two pieces of advice, you will be uncomfortable and nervous and possibly make worse decisions – and that is not what any of us want!

If you follow your dentist’s advice, you may want to ask more questions. Ask them about the risks of BPA for children. Today there is so much information about the dangers of BPA in products and in sealants and filling materials. BPA is a toxin that can cause early puberty, cancer and cause kids to gain weight. No dentist should be placing sealants without discussing these hazards with parents.

Let me know if I can offer you more support – but going back and forth in e-mails is only likely to delay a decision and not make much difference. If you take the preventive road you need to be committed and learn all the facts and how my system works. One piece of information that is helpful to people: It takes about a year for a cavity to form – but about 6 months to reverse it with my system!

Hope this helps,


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