Fluoride Question

Hi Dr Ellie.

I am surprised that you recommend a fluoride rinse, with all the toxic effects of fluoride. It seems that small amounts will be swallowed and contribute to the total body burden, that most of us have already to to fluorinated water supply. Can you please explain?

Thanks, Deborah

Hi Deborah,

I get asked this question a lot – and I have tried to address it.

I could have had Kevin Trudeau support and promote my book – if I had thrown fluoride totally to the curb. I would not.

I support the removal or fluoride from our water, no supplements and no treatments at the dentist with the gels. You have to think about how it works and the good and bad. It is a long explanation – and I have a chapter on this in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

It is not as simple as just “good” or “bad”.

Personally I will take the amount of toxin from the residue of a rinse (that I spit out) rather than the toxin load from a damaged tooth that needs treatment. (BPA in white ones and mercury in silver.)

Without the added synergy of fluoride it is very difficult to get complete healing and a sustained state of ultimate oral health.

Here is a link to my chapter on Fluoride:


Hope this helps to explain!


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