Ellie — my youngest is 2 and he has been slow to talk — hardly any words at all, but now – this week he is starting to say complete sentences.

Today he said “I want Zellies” clear as day.

You are officially one of his first words. 🙂 thought you would appreciate that.

Also, my husband went to the dentist this week – first time in… maybe 6-7 years. As long as we have been on “the system.” The dentist was shocked. His teeth are perfect. Nothing to scrub off. No cavities. My husband even told them he doesn’t floss. In fact, he would not allow them to floss him during the cleaning (which again, was not really a “cleaning”). They were not sure what to do with him. The dentist wants to know all about the “magical system” — he actually was receptive – so I will send him to yout sites, but thought you would appreciate and update from one of the “early adopters” of the complete mouth care system.


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