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Dr. Ellie,

My children and I have used your Mouth Care System for over a year, and my once sensitive teeth are feeling great!

Here’s my concern:

My 17 year old son saw the dentist yesterday and was alarmed to hear that his gums are unusually receded for his age especially around the bottom lower teeth. The dentist said that his teeth are very strong and healthy, but she’s very concerned about his gum recession. She said the recession could be due to orthodontics and/or poor mouth care. She lectured him about proper flossing (he’s always been a faithful flosser) and proper, gentle, circular brushing with an extra soft brush, and using a proxy brush on the lower front teeth. While she cleaned his teeth, the area of concern bled A LOT. She says that he’ll probably have to have gum surgery at some point in the future.

This recession was apparent a year ago at his last dentist visit, but I don’t know whether it has worsened since then. I have great faith in your System and, since he loves eating xylitol mints and gum, assumed we were doing the best therapy we could do for his gums this past year, and was surprised to see the bleeding during his cleaning and hear the dire predictions from the dentist.

Is there anything else we can do to help him? He is a generally healthy, fit 17 year old. We have recently found out that his older brother is extremely gluten sensitive, which causes a lot of general inflammation in the body, and I wonder about the rest of us being gluten sensitive. Do you think being generally inflamed from gluten sensitivity could cause gum recession? What do you think about the orthodontics causing gum recession?

I have told many friends about your Mouth Care System and appreciate you and your work greatly!


Hi D,

I think you and your dentist MUST be concerned about your son’s oral health – but I do NOT agree that gum surgery is the way to go.

You son has an INFECTION – bacteria that are damaging his gums and will continue to do this throughout life.

There are a lot of different bacteria that live in our mouths – but about 13 kinds that cause gum problems.

The CORRECT use of my system addresses all these 13 kinds in various ways.

You NEED Closys for a minute before brushing.

This rinse does a number of useful things – but it is able to give the mouth an “oxygen bath” and help get rid of anaerobic germs – some of the worst.

The Crest Cavity Protection paste is important to use – and massage around the teeth.

However, its main use is to protect the teeth from the Listerine rinse.

Listerine is very acidic but VERY effective against almost ALL the rest of the bad mouth germs IN ONE MINUTE.

He must vigorously rinse for ONE MINUTE with Listerine in this way.

Finally the ACT rinse is vital to remineralize and help heal teeth.

Fluoride is also concentrated by a certain kind of very unpleasant bacteria that is found in gum disease.

These germs are Spirochetes – and they can actually burrow INTO the gums and get into the blood stream…….into the brain…..ugh!!!

(I don’t usually get into such graphic details – but I want to be alarmist enough to make him use my system!!)

Zellies also balance the mouth and mouth germs – promoting good and getting rid of bad.

Probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements can also be helpful – to help alkalize the mouth and grow healthy digestive tract germs.


You may need to explain to your son that there are a number of things that wipe out/ destroy healthy mouth germs. The greatest culprits are:

Acidic drinks – soda, gatorade, juices, citrus, lemonade and citrus pops etc

Periods of dry mouth – allergies and asthma can block the nose and medications can really dry the mouth

Bleaching teeth – the peroxide in bleaching strips and bleaching pastes will destroy your healthy protection and leave your mouth open to infection

Baking soda – any pastes or rinses with this can unbalance the mouth.

ALSO: if your son is eating chewing gum that contains sorbitol ( NOT XYLITOL) then sorbitol can grow plaque bacteria – and often produces symptoms of acid reflux – which harms healthy biofilm because it causes long periods of mouth acidity…………and so on…….

The solution!!

Use my system carefully and EXACTLY – and avoid sipping acidic drinks.

Clean toothbrushes DAILY!!!

My system will NOT work if you mix or match, do not use enough xylitol – or are lazy about twice a day rinsing.

Best drink for oral health? = A half teaspoon of xylitol crystals in water – to sip during the morning.

The only non-acidic drink besides water – is root beer!!

Worst drinks!!! Sodas (diet and regular) – Iced teas ( especially with lemon) – Mountain Dew – and Gatorade!

Hope this explains what he needs to do.

Mouth germs can be measured/viewed – so you would know exactly how many and which of the 13 bad ones are in his mouth.

It may be a good measure and a way to motivate your son.

The test is called a Salivary Oral DNA test and is performed by dentists.

It is easy – you spit into a test tube!!

If you go to the website – you can find out a dentist in your area who is doing these tests:

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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