Fluoride Absorption

Dr Ellie,

I have not been able to find a study to see how much fluoride you absorb when you brush with fluoride toothpaste. My friend is allegic to fluroide & he says if he brushes with fluoride toothpaste he is sick for hours. So this shows you do absorb fluoride when you brush with it. But strangely he said he can drink a glass of fluoride water from the tap and has no bad effects. Which suggests that brushing with fluoride you absorb a signicant amount of fluoride.

Dear A:

Studies with kids eating paste were probably the best. It was in the 1980s – I would have to look them up – but generally they showed that fluoride was excreted quickly in urine.

I use fluoride paste – and I happily recommend it to everyone – my family, friends and patients.

I filter fluoride OUT of my water and recommend everyone does the same with their water – I do not recommend drinking fluoride or giving it to kids as supplements or using strong fluoride gels etc.

Unless your kidney’s are shot – you WILL excrete 98% of any fluoride ingested – so in the grand scheme of things ( you only need a rice grain size of toothpaste) I would say your friend needs a better digestive system – better immune system and better kidney support. Then with probiotics, enzyme and kidney support – I think he would be just fine with any exposure during the minute he brushes his teeth.

People often worry about stuff and this turns their stomach – its the worry – not the product. The other thing to think about is that if your fillings corrode or break – you will start ingesting silver fillings or plastic pieces. THESE would be a lot more toxic to your body than the tiny amount of any possible fluoride absorbed from a pea size glob of toothpaste. Just think about the mercury that people are releasing as they whiten or clean their teeth with peroxide! Wow – now that is a REAL problem.

Also I only recommend Crest Cavity Protection paste – none of the others.

Lastly ( as I mentioned above) you only need a rice grain amount of paste on your brush – many people use far too much.

Hope this helps,


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