Where to Begin?

Dear Dr. Ellie

I had a baby about 10 months ago. During my pregnancy I received several fillings. My insurance only pays for dental services at one dentist in my town. I received fillings about a year before these ones at a clinic in another town. The dentists were shocked at the number of cavities and assumed we were not able to purchase toothpaste etc. We had been drinking soda almost daily and only brushing two times a day. Those soda induced cavities and fillings I received two years ago have never hurt as much as the fillings I received last summer which still hurt and often ache for no reason especially after exposure to something cold like silk milk from the fridge.

I use Sensidine (spelling?) tooth paste. One for whitening because I refuse to kick my coffee habit, and one that doesn’t have whitening.

I can’t seem to kick this sensitivity. The dentist I am seeing now said it is from the fillings (they are the metal kind..the 2 year old fillings were white). She said the sensitivity would go away. She doesn’t seem to listen to my problems. I had to have my mom come in to one of my appointments to get her to listen to me.

I am lactose intolerant and although I drink silk milk with calcium, I do not get the amount of calcium or probiotics that I should (all medications with probiotics have dairy in them). Could the sensitivity be due to the cavities being too deep? A metal allergy? Not enough calcium? If so what can I do about the first two issues? And how long would it take for a calcium supplement to help my teeth.

Please help! Also any advice on dealing with my dentist?



OK – let’s start with a couple of things. First steps to better oral health!!

My recommendations – and I don’t have time to explain WHY – just trust me!

1. STOP with the Sensodyne

2. Find Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste – you MUST find good old Crest – NO whitening, no tartar control NOTHING in it!!!

3. Get ACT anticavity mouth rinse (it is a green color and is usually easy to find in Walmart or Target stores).

4. DON’T get the expensive Total Care or other one – it needs to be the simple ACT – and should cost under $4.00 (but don’t get the store Equate brand – ONLY ACT!!!)

5. Go to a health food store and get xylitol crystals. Make sure these are pure xylitol and not some mix with silica (sand) or splenda or something. Pure xylitol.

Then add one teaspoon of xylitol crystals to a glass of water and sip this every morning after your morning coffee.

Once you have done all this – let me know and we can go from here.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Perhaps this person should test for celiac disease. http://celiac.nih.gov/PDF/Dental_Enamel_Defects_508.pdf

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