Cleaning a Bite Guard

Dr. Ellie,

What is the best way to clean a night guard/bite guard? I am just starting your system and have been rinsing the night guard brushing it and letting it air dry. But I suspect this is insufficient.

Many thanks


Hi SB,

Since night guards are made from different plastics it is best to ask this question to the laboratory that made it.

It is good that you are concerned about cleaning it – bacteria and molds most certainly grow on these appliances, toothbrushes etc.

The main thing is to clean your guard and rinse it thoroughly before putting it in your mouth (this is especially important if anyone recommends cleaning it with peroxide or baking soda – since these can be harmful to teeth). If you cannot get advice – my best guess would be to brush the appliance with a little toothpaste, rinse or spritz with dilute Listerine and wash it thoroughly.

Remember to clean your toothbrush carefully also ( I have directions about this on my website:

“Did You Know Bacteria live on your toothbrush! Be sure to frequently clean your brush by swishing the head in Listerine and rinse in water and air dry. Never share toothbrushes and do not store in an area near an open toilet.”

My final comment is if you are wearing a night guard – consider WHY you are damaging your teeth.

Strong teeth will not wear away – even if you grind them. Only soft teeth break and wear.

Consider that things you drink may be making your teeth soft – and limit your teeth’s exposure to acidic things.

If you would like any more help with this – please let me know.

I am happy to help you gain control over your oral health – not with a night guard, but with sustainable methods that build strength and beauty into your teeth.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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  • Sharon says:

    I daily put our toothbrushes and my night guard in a small jar with about a 1/2 t chlorox, add water, swish and scrub inside the night guard. Then rinse. It works very well.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    As long as you rinse off well – that sounds fine! Please be sure not to get any Chlorox in your mouth!! Ha!

  • Hi dr. Ellie,

    I wear two plastic tray retainers at night that I got from my orthodontist. They are to prevent my teeth from shifting, after I had my braces removed. I notice they are tight due to shifting if I skip the retainer for a few days.

    As long as I clean the retainers, is there a compelling reason to stop using them? I have just started with your system last week and already notice my morning breath has improved!

    • These retainers should not be a problem, nor should they limit the progress you are hoping to achieve. Retainers do not affect a good mouth care protocol, but they can make a bad mouth care protocol more damaging. I believe anyone with retainers needs Zellies mints and gum, and this system of care to protect their teeth.

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