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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have been on the Dr. Ellie system for 8 months. A month ago, I got a no-cavities checkup (which was great-some cavities even reversed) and the typical staining of the system was removed by the hygienist. Now, only a month later, the darkish staining has already returned to where it is noticeable, but only to the four front teeth on the bottom. This was really the only place that was stained badly before my cleaning also. I never had this particular type of staining before using the system.

I am confused both by the continued staining after all the bad stuff should have been killed (7 months of system use) and also by the fact that it primarily seems to attack the four front teeth on the bottom. Peculiar. If these teeth looked like the rest of my teeth there would be no problem. I know the system is working for me and don’t want to give it up, but I need to figure out this staining problem – or else I will have to go in for monthly cleanings – or heaven forbid, whitening strips.

What’s your take on this?

Warmest regards and thanks for your help.



I feel as if I have answered this message already – so forgive me if this is a repeat! It is difficult to know because many patients have experienced this situation.

What may be happening is one of two things:

1) This stain may be a kind of “summer mold” – this can grow in damp and humid places. It is a mold that is often found in bathrooms, especially if you live near the ocean or if you have been traveling. It is a mold that requires you to carefully disinfect your toothbrush every day, using Listerine, rinse the brush out and allow it to completely dry between uses. It is ideal to dry a toothbrush in a sunny window. Keep your brush away from other ones and also NEVER store a toothbrush in a bag or drawer or humid place.

2) The second reason for this staining may be that you are getting re-infected from someone. Plaque bacteria are shared by families and friends through kissing and sharing food. Your circle of transfer will depend on how many people you allow to share your chips and dip! ( Just kidding)

It is important to increase the amount of xylitol you use to counter this re-infection. If you stay at the “middle” place – you will cycle through the infection – kill – stain – infection cycle.

You need to ensure that you do the rinse system twice a day (always) and you may want to experiment with three times a day – to see if this helps. You may find simply adding one packet of xylitol crystals to a bottle of water to sip during each morning – is enough to “tip the balance” Infection – kill – stain – DONE!!!

Let me know which of these situations you think applies and then I would love to hear if you are able to control the staining by one of the two methods. PLEASE – do not decide to use the white strips – this is absolutely NOT the solution to your problem!!

Hope this helps,

Ellie Phillips DDS
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