Thrilled with the Results: Testimonial

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been using your system since mid March and am really thrilled with the results to date. I am 58 and just got braces in early March. I was searching on the internet for info on how to best take care of my teeth while having braces and found your website. It has been a real blessing. After the first 10 days or so I noticed a big improvement of the sensitivity I’ve had for years. When I went to the Orthodontist to have my first adjustment in early April, he complemented me on how well I was keeping my teeth clean. He continues to mention my excellent hygiene with each subsequent visit (about every three weeks). In early June I had my first cleaning with my regular Dental Hygienist and she immediately said my gums looked great and asked me what I was doing. Also, because of the sensitivity, I’ve never been able to let her use the sonic cleaner on my teeth to any great length. But this time she was able to use it as needed and my teeth felt great! Probably the best cleaning I’ve had in years. With the continued use of your mouth rinse system and the Zellies, my teeth always feel smooth and clean. What a difference. I am looking forward to my next cleaning in December just to compare. I really think it will be a breeze!

I have been sharing information about your website with family and friends. One friend who is particularly excited about the program just had her first cleaning since starting the system in April with great results too. Her hygienist was extremely impressed and asked her what she was doing. But we do have a question for you. My friend’s dentist suggested she use the gel formula of the Crest Cavity Protection saying in might benefit her more because of small fillings at the gum line. Would you suggest she continue with the regular paste or would the gel be okay?

Thank you for all your time and research, and for getting this information out there. It has rocked my world, and I am so grateful!



Hi WC,

Great testimonials!!

Thanks for all the great testimonials – I am thrilled for you that so many positive changes are happening in your mouth. It always makes me smile when I get questions like yours. For years patients have been trying to find the “key” to oral health. They have trusted their health professionals – using suggested “brushing and flossing” techniques, samples of toothpaste and a bunch of other “recommendations” – all without success. Then my clients arrived at the dental appointments with vastly improved oral health – (gum health and improved tooth health). THEN their professionals chime in with their next suggestion. I think the best response is to send a copy of my book which explains WHY the products you used worked.

My system is Specific!!

My system is EXACTLY that – a precise system of products that work in a multitude of macroscopic and microscopic ways. My suggestions are balanced for pH, abrasivity, for remineralization effects, forspecific demineralization effects that give the ability to make teeth more acid resistant. This is an elegant multi-step recipe that WORKS. Just like a fantastic cake recipe, change ONE THING – and you will change the outcome.

Good vs.Bad pastes:

Toothpastes are usually make from either silica or chalk. Crest Cavity Protection paste contains silica particles which speed remineralization of teeth in the presence of sodium fluoride. Silica particles come from glass and are superior to chalk for this and a number of other reasons. Most “health store pastes” have silica in them – but they are not ground fine enough – and many “health” pastes are very abrasive. Crest Cavity protection PASTE is a perfect grind with the ability to clean but NOT abrade the tooth surface.

I wish dental professionals would learn more about developing healthy biofilm. This is the layer that is promoted by the use of my system with xylitol. This is a protective healthy film that forms from proteins in saliva and covers your teeth to give them that “just waxed” feel. The loss of this film allows recession, “cavities” and grooves at the gum level. It’s not so much about toothpaste – but balanced oral health.

I suggest you stay doing what you are doing!!

Thanks for your message,

Best Wishes,


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