Great News: Testimonial

Hi Dr Ellie,
I just wanted to share my great news! After a year of my family using your program we (especially our son) all got a clean bill of health from our dentist. I was so happy I was clapping and giving my son high fives at the dentist office. Thank you so much for sharing your program with us!! I have hope now that cavities can be prevented.
I am telling everyone about it.


Hi K,

This is great news and I am so happy that you are excited and delighted! What you have gained is true oral health empowerment !!!

The trick you have learned is how to protect your teeth better and more often. You can protect them enough so that you can repair your teeth effectively on a daily basis and overcome any damage caused to them by eating , drinking and living life.

This balance is simple to operate once you re-set your mind and no longer expect 6 monthly visits to the dentist to “look after” your teeth. As individuals, we have the power to look after our OWN teeth – all you need is the correct information!

Cheers – enjoy this moment!!

Thanks for e-mailing me ( By the way, how did you hear about me in the first place?)

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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