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I’ve now been on Xylitol for about 4 months. Although I love your mints, would taking 2 teaspoons of xylitol (8 grams) in drinking water throughout the day, in at least 5 doses, and definitely swishing after meals and snacks, be as effective as eating your mints?

– S

Dear S:

You can mix and match xylitol to suit yourself.

You can use the crystals in water, off a spoon or as gum or mints – it does not matter as a general rule – but there are subtle differences if you want to get into detail!

MInts and gum strengthen and repair teeth:

The mints, gum and crystals (not in water) create an extra flow of saliva into the mouth – which may help mineralize teeth.

Xylitol dissolved in water – does not increase saliva around teeth- so it may not stimulate as much repair as eating it directly.

If you are wanting to repair cavities, strengthen or lighten your teeth – use xylitol at the end of meal in the form of mints, gum or crystals off a spoon.You should still ensure you have enough each day – so adding some to water IN ADDITION to the mints and gum creates the best of all worlds.

Dissolved xylitol crystals.

For “cleaning” the mouth of harmful bacteria, xylitol in water is just as good as directly off a spoon or a mint/gum.

If you are trying to get rid of gum disease ( the liquid form will work fine) – especially if your teeth are strong and you are not trying to repair cavities. I usually recommend this for older adults or for cleaning the mouth of a young child who does not have any cavities. Once we are trying to repair cavities – using the granules directly off a spoon or some mints/gum can be more beneficial.

Here is a link to the downloadable and printable booklet – maybe worth reading through this again just to be sure you have everything correct.


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Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

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