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Dr. Ellie,

I will be traveling for two weeks abroad and carrying the bottles of rinses will not be practical. I don’t think filling 3 oz. travel bottles would work either as I would run out and wouldn’t be able to refill. What’s the minimum I could carry and still maintain proper care of my teeth?

Thank you!


Hi there,

First of all BE CAREFUL IF YOU EVER TRAVEL WITH CLOSYS – the thread of the bottle allows the rinse to LEAK OUT!!!

This seems to happen with every size bottle – so either take a sealed bottle and then throw it away before you return or use a washer in the lid, or cover the top with plastic wrap and then put the bottle into a plastic bag. That is a warning for all travelers!

At a minimum I would take lots of xylitol gum and mints + a small tube of Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste.

After using the paste, add a little water to your mouth and make a “rinse” with the remains of the paste.

If you want to take ONE rinse – I think it would depend if you think you are fighting gum disease or cavities.

If your biggest problem is gum disease – then take a 16 oz bottle of Closys to use before this brush and rinse routine with the toothpaste.

If you have delicate teeth that have been sensitive, cavities or breaking – then the one rinse I would take would be ACT.

I recently forgot my rinses – and lived for three days with xylitol and the toothpaste routine – so I know that this works for a few days.

I was happy to be home for the entire system – but I HAVE tried this myself – so I can recommend this!!

Another option – which I have not tried yet, but I plan to give this an experimental try- is using Closys toothpaste – they now make one with fluoride.

You could run with that… should give you the protection you need for a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps,


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