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Dear Dr. Ellie

Thank you for your wonderful website, blog, and all the great information! My husband and I have been on the complete CWT program for three months. We are loving it and actually looking forward to our next dentist appointments.

In the meantime, I am hoping that you might have time to give us your thoughts on a couple of things. First, given that Closys is such a great cleaner, is it possible to hold it in your mouth for too long? I have very localized periodontal problems (three <6mm pockets, but everything else is normal and stable) and I lately realized that I have been (perhaps overly enthusiastically) holding the Closys in my mouth and swishing for 10 or 15 minutes. In a few places on your blog, you have mentioned “the longer the better” with the Closys and ACT, but I’m wondering if I’m going overboard and maybe “over cleaning” my teeth and gums. Is it possible to be too zealous??

Second, I met a periodontist at a social gathering recently, and somehow the topic of rinses and xylitol came up (probably because I am still thrilled about discovering xylitol and CWT.) In the course of conversation, I said that I was excited to be using xylitol and the rinses because of the potential to virtually eliminate bad bacteria in my mouth. In response, this new acquaintance stated (quite strongly and unequivocally) “You can never get rid of the bacteria. It is impossible. Once a periodontal patient, always a periodontal patient.” And then I changed the subject.

My question to you is: what might have been a good response? This person’s response seemed so contrary to everything that I have learned from your blog and listening to your radio interview podcasts. I am just trying to understand how there can be such a “disconnect” between the evidence (both clinical and from research) about the rinses and xylitol, and the “belief” of a trained professional, such as my new acquaintance, of the inevitability of continued “disease.” (Plus I am hoping to see improvements at my next appointment with my own periodontist.)

Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. If you are able to answer my questions, I would be honoured. If not, I will totally understand, given that you are so busy, and I will continue to frequent your blog and website.


Hi K,

I am going to reply now – since tomorrow I leave for an extended period of time – then I may never get around to a response!

First the “too long” question!

Try to be realistic – I don’t suggest 10 minutes with Closys -( and the reason that I don’t think 10 is good is because I don’t know).

I do know the way Closys works in 2 minutes – so I don’t think you need go beyond 3 or 4.

Most of us are hung up on the idea that if a little is good – more is better, but this system is more like a cake recipe.

The outcome will be great – so stay close to the recipe (that’s my opinion).

As for the periodontist!

My dream is coming true with the advent of bacterial testing through a process called Oral DNA testing.

This is like DNA would be to a crime scene.

In the old days people were never sure if the correct criminal had been jailed. DNA testing showed us our errors and also the real culprits.

Oral DNA testing is going to do the same with Oral Health – It is going to show us which bacteria we need to control/eradicate and which protocols actually WORK.

( we may find some of the traditional are not effective at all)

In the Meantime

While we wait for DNA testing to prove which protocols work – you have to realize that very few dentists have used THIS protocol.

Without the use of ALL the elements in the protocol – end results will be different.

It takes 200 pages of my book to explain why and how to have enough xylitol and sufficient frequency ( to reduce/eliminate 98% harmful plaque bacteria)

The Closys basically oxygenates anaerobic culprits, Listerine reduces gingival inflammation. Since you damage teeth with Listerine – you need the Crest – and then to protect teeth with ACT.

All the elements are inter-twined and without this COMPLETE approach – no home care system has been able to stop, reverse AND prevent gum disease.

I have a story about the head of a hygiene program ( a woman about my age) who told me her teeth were falling apart.

What does that tell you about the effectiveness of the traditional brush and floss approach?

Just Beware

I will warn you that you may get staining from dead plaque after the first six months.

This is documented on my website – and nothing to worry about. Once it has been cleaned off – it should not return.

Remember to keep your toothbrushes cleaned – transfer of bacteria has already been shown by DNA testing of husbands and wives.

It’s good that you are both on the system.

Don’t let anyone try to change what you are doing – especially if you see success. Health care professionals don’t think there is enough fluoride, enough antibacterial etc, etc.

Finally let me know if you have any questions.

Add a good diet, some fish oil and some fresh pineapple (from time to time) -possibly even some probiotics – to help encourage healing!

Best Wishes,


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health


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    My dentist, who overall I think is very good, also poo pood my effort to remineralize a cavity that included ACT cause it didn't have enough floride. I proved him wrong.

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