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Dr. Ellie

At the recommendation of my dentist, I have begun the mouth care program you recommend. (I also have my sis on it!)

I have read recently in health newsletters that one should wait about one hour before brushing. Sometimes this means I fall asleep and wake up four hours later to brush.

Does using the Closys prior to brushing negate the wait — since it neutralizes the acidic nature of the mouth. How about I have had something that is highly acidic — e.g. lemonade, soda, etc?

Thank you so much.


Hi B,

You are covered from any acidity by using my system of rinses – in the order that I recommend.

Closys is a pH balanced mouth rinse – This is a great pre-rinse – before brushing.

It gives your mouth “an oxygen bath” and also stops the danger of brushing in an acidic mouth.

Trying to wait half an hour – is not really a solution from this acidity danger – (besides many women have acidic saliva).

How long do you need to “wait” if your OWN saliva is acidic? Ha!

This is why – in my opinion – it is only safe way to brush teeth after using Closys rinse.

I drink wine at night – then Closys – before I brush.

If you are sipping lemonade or soda over an extended period of time – you may want to “cut” the long period of acidity by nibbling something that will alkalize your mouth and be tooth – friendly.

Salted nuts, cheese or dairy, raw veggies and dip – or xylitol in some form ( Zellies fruit mints are great after lemonade).

Enjoy these snacks during your “extended acid-drink time”.

Extended long periods of mouth acidity – especially with citrus drinks – can damage the healthy protective film in your mouth.

I think you already understand all this – but I wanted to double check you had the full story!

Thanks so much for your question,


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  • Anonymous says:

    I have been on your program and love it. Just visited my family in Canada and got some of my sisters and my mother interested. But, Closys is not available in Canada. I called the company and they said no one sells it in Canada yet. Just wondering if rinsing with xylitol before brushing would be a good substitute since it also makes your mouth more alkaline.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    In Canada:There are a couple companies that carry and will ship Closys ( and If you cannot find Closys, look for Retardex., or FluorigardHere is a link with more info:

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