Cancer, Chemo and Tooth Care

Dear Dr. Ellie

Can this regimen be good and soothing for cancer patients undergoing radiation?

 Dr. T DDS

Hi Dr. T,

I feel strongly that cancer patients are generally not being given the best advice – most people suffer horrible oral problems.

Unfortunately I am a lone voice – so my regimen is regarded as an “opinion” of one practitioner.

I know baking soda is often recommended to these patients (ugh) – often along with peroxide.

I am certain that for people with compromised immune systems and particularly women and cancer patients – baking soda and peroxide are too aggressive and damage healthy pellicle -the natural protection for healthy teeth, gums and mucosa.

I believe it is very important to build healthy pellicle PRIOR to chemo or radiation therapies ( which obviously destroy it).

Xylitol dissolved in water – sipped through the day – will help as a “feeder” or Pre-Biiotic for pellicle.

Probiotics obviously help – also a mineral-rich diet.

The proteins for pellicle come from healthy saliva – so mineral supplements, vitamin D, etc will help.

My mouth rinse system is great and definitely works to develop healthy biofilm and keep the mouth comfortable and clean.

Eating Zellies mints ( fruit or mint) after meals will also biofilm – these mints stimulate a flow of healthy alkaline saliva from palatal salivary glands.

I would like to see all chemo patients on my regimen as soon as possible BEFORE therapy.

I understand that during active treatment patients may only use xylitol- but this would be sufficient to control bacteria and thrush infections, etc for a limited time.

Some Oncologists have the misconception that xylitol will be difficult for the G-I tract – to them I say – then “let patients rinse and spit it out”!

( I do not believe at this low dosage xylitol offers anything but help).

If there is anything I can do to reach or teach chemo patients – just let me know.

Best Wishes


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  • Ok Ellie.I will recommend you to all chemo patient.

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