Mother Child Transmission: Stop passing disease to your children

Families often believe they inherited bad teeth, weak teeth or soft teeth. Genetics are not the problem, nor should blame be placed on insufficient fluoride or a lack of dental care. The truth is that cavity bacteria spread from person to person when we kiss or share food. Families kiss and eat together all the time, so it is no wonder that families suffer similar dental problems.

The good news is that it is easy to eradicate cavity bacteria and give the next generation of your family the tools to end any “history” of bad teeth or gums.

Hunt for the Answer
A study in Belize in the early 1970s was a beautiful illustration of how cavity disease spreads from parents to children, and how xylitol can protect families from passing bad teeth to children. In this study, pregnant mothers (with very bad teeth) were given small pieces of xylitol gum to chew, several times a day. The mothers chewed the gum during their last trimester of pregnancy and through the first year of their baby’s life.

In this study none of the children had xylitol. It was only mothers who chewed xylitol gum, and only for the first year of their child’s life. The researchers took away the xylitol after this time, and only returned to check on the children as they grew. The results were amazing!

The children born to the mothers who “cleaned” their mouths with xylitol, had 80% less cavities than the children of the mothers who did not have xylitol. These results were documented year by year until the children were 6 years of age. Even as adults, these children had better teeth than the rest of the population.

Tooth Truths
Cavities are caused by a germ that can be passed from person to person. These germs are shared by family members, and most often travel in saliva droplets during a kiss or when people eat together. Xylitol can clean away these harmful germs in about 6 months, even when cavities are not filled. If a parent takes steps by using xylitol, their baby should be able to enjoy 80% less decay – even at 6 years of age. If the child is exposed to xylitol also, the risk is 95% less.

As baby teeth erupt, bacteria attach and grow on teeth. The first bacteria to reach new teeth come from saliva droplets passed from the parents’ mouth to the baby. This means that if a mother has cavity-forming bacteria, she will share them with her baby. As a baby grows more teeth, these bacteria spread and cover all the teeth.  Children with cavities at age 4 years are 85% more likely to have decay in their adult teeth. Xylitol can protect young children from cavities and control dental disease to help families overcome any hereditary “history” of bad teeth.

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