Worried 20 Year Old

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been browsing through your website for quite a while now and I am interested in doing your program and restoring my teeth.

I am 20 years old student and I already have more than 10 fillings, mostly in the back of my mouth on my molars. I have top fillings and also on the side, and in addition, the same teeth with fillings are decaying and turning yellow/brown. I floss and brush well, but I feel that my teeth are still deteriorating. I am worried because I’m still so young, and my teeth are in such a mess. My smile is nice however, because my front teeth are in good shape.

My question is, I am due to replace my old fillings (my dentist recommends you replace them every 10 or so years?) but said it wasn’t “pressing” and that I could wait if I wanted to. If I start this program, will I ever have to replace my fillings? Will the yellow/brown spots become healthier and normal over time? I also wear retainers every night, will that be a problem?

Thank you so much Dr. Ellie, I think you will change my life!


Hi J,

Without any doubt you should start on my system!!!

I would not replace any fillings until you have given nature time to heal the parts of your teeth that can heal themselves.

I have had fillings in my mouth for over 50 years – and I have no intention of replacing them any time soon!!!

Zellies mints and gum are delicious and a fun way to protect your teeth. The Complete mouth rinse system makes your mouth feel wonderful and clean – and the products stimulate natural healing – making teeth stronger and shinier very quickly.

My suggestion to new users is to order the kit from our website – to ensure you have all the correct products. It comes with a booklet – and everything you need to start.

Once you have this kit – you can go to the grocery store and match the products exactly. ENSURE you are purchasing the exact same products ( the choices offered on the shelves can make this confusing at first).

Take an empty bottle with you ( or a picture on your camera-phone!!) Closys is only available in Walgreens stores – so ask at your local Walgreens where it is – or look on line for ways to get coupons or discounts.

This is an amazing system – and once you know how much you love it – keeping products in stock at home is easy. You can go to Target and get the ACT – go to Walgreens and get the Closys etc.etc.
You don’t need to keep purchasing from me – just the Zellies!!!

Try to protect your teeth after any drink or meal with Zellies mints or gum.
What do you normally drink ?? My guess would be that this is causing the acidity in your mouth…….
Protect your teeth from acidity at all times.

Best Wishes,

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