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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I discovered your system about two months ago and I am very excited over how it will improve my dental health. What I would like to know is if you already have calculus on your teeth will using your system remove some or all of it over time without any professional dental cleanings? If I do need a cleaning should I wait a certain period of time after first starting your system? Also, is bone loss due to periodontal disease always permanent around teeth or could some of it possibly reverse if using your system? Thank you.


Hi J,

I am happy that you have found this information about oral health – it will help you – more than you can imagine!

There is a time line for the use of xylitol – Here is a link:

Basically it takes a couple of months to “clean your mouth”. Now you should “feel” your teeth improving.

If they are not feeling different – then increasing your xylitol intake would be my recommendation – also checking that you have exactly the right products and are using them in EXACTLY the right order.

Calculus is a result of infected plaque becoming calcified. The infected plaque will stop forming because of the xylitol use.

If you continue to have calculus – you must look to see what it is that is in your diet or drinks that is causing so much mouth acidity. Citrus drinks are usually the problem – putting citric acid or lemons into water – eating or drinking citrus juice drinks etc.

If you love citrus – then drink these drinks during a meal – being sure to end the meal with something alkaline or dairy ( like yogurt or cheese) AFTER the citrus drink. Zellies fruit mints are a great way to enjoy the taste of citrus and protect your teeth at the same time!!! I suggest a cleaning at the dentist after about 3-4 months on my system.

Most periodontists do not believe in bone or periodontal healing. Most dentists do not believe in cavities naturally reversing. I know that both occur – and this system is the best way to help nature heal your mouth.

Your hygienist may complain about staining at this first visit. My guess is that they will instantly notice that your gums are in much better shape. Bone regeneration may happen – to a degree. It depends on many factors and it certainly will take a couple of years – but be encouraged!! Adding some fresh pineapple to your diet – along with sufficient nutrients, sunshine etc for general health – can help stimulate bone and skin healing.

Please keep in touch and let me know how things progress. Also let me know if you are interested in talking in a few months – I offer phone consultations if you want more personalized help.

Best Wishes,

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  • Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if surgically taking out wisdom teeth will make my tinnitus louder?I have to take them out but I'm really really scared that it will make my tinnitus louder.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I am sorry that you have tinnitus – that is a very annoying symptom.I wonder what you have been doing for this – and if there is any point at which it started.I would try hard to get this resolved before having surgery – and consider why your wisdom teeth are being removed.Make sure you cure any inflammation and infection before surgery – use my system of rinses, take probiotics, use lots of xylitol and eat some fresh pineapple every day!

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