Xylitol Rinse


After having a tooth extracted can one use xylitol & water as a rinse? Instead of using Saltwater like so many instructions state??

(I do not like salt water and I certainly do not want to rinse w/ it 6-10 times a day!)
Also, how long will I have to wait until I can use your system again after having a tooth extracted?
(Listerine might burn the hole in my gum until it heals over)

Dear MS:

Xylitol would be a great answer to this problem!
Closys is also VERY good to promote healing – so at least get started again with Closys in a day or two.

Fresh pineapple is wonderful for skin and bone healing – incorporate some into your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days.

It contains vitamins and bromalain factors that are perfect for healing!

Four or five days and you should be able to return to the entire program again – providing you have no swelling or other reaction from the extraction.

Hope all goes well for you.
Let me know –
The advice above REALLY WORKS!!!

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