Xyiltol in Water Bottles

Hi Dr. Ellie,

On my last trip to the periodontist, my pockets were down to 2s and 3s (from 4s, 5s, and at least one 6)!

I have a question about xylitol in my water bottle. I’ve noticed that I have black marks (that look like dirt) that collect on my water bottle when I have xylitol water in it. It’s particularly bad in my plastic water bottles (as opposed to aluminum). I’m cleaning the bottles more regularly now. Do you know what causes this? Does it indicate that I need to clean the water bottle more frequently? or that there are particulates in the water itself that the xylitol separates out? I don’t use filtered or distilled water; it’s just tap water.


Hi J,

Great news about your teeth!

I don’t like the sound of the water and black spots.

I would work to get away from plastic anyway (dangers of BPA) and perhaps consider filtering your water.

THINK BABY has a line of baby bottles that are really good – the adult version is called THINKSPORT 
There is a store locator on their site – and I think they sell in Target – BPA free and a great bottle!

My first thought is these black spots are bacteria – but I really don’t know.

Good luck with curing those pockets completely -wow this did not take long!

Best wishes,

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