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Dear Dr. Ellie

I was shopping for Closys when I came across reference to your book. I ordered the Closys paste and rinse, then read your book. I have since purchased Crest toothpaste. After reading your blog, you mentioned Closys paste would be your second choice but I wanted to follow your program exactly. I am very concerned after reading your book about Sorbitol and how it feeds the bad bacteria. Now, I find it is in the Closys toothpaste, the ACT floride rinse and in Crest!! Further, I am a nanny and read the Baby Orajel tooth and gum cleaner label, it also contains Sorbitol! This is very scary to me. I know from the state of my teeth, that I clearly have the bad bacteria in my mouth, so by using products that have Sorbitol in them, it seems counterproductive. Do the other ingredients kill off the effect of sorbitol? Why is this used in so many products? Especially tooth care products? Does anyone make tooth paste and rinse that has xylitol in it?

 – J

Hi J,

I think if you read more of my blog posts you will see how and when sorbitol is a problem.
Don’t get scared by the name. We need to realize there are times when sorbitol is a problem and times when it does not matter.

Problems can occur when you swallow sorbitol!
Consuming sorbitol is not recommended – and I DO NOT suggest you ingest toothpaste or drink mouth rinses.

Watch out for sorbitol in sugarless mints and gum – and avoid them. If you consume sorbitol – be prepared to find yourself developing acid-refux symptoms – that would be a reason to stop.

Other problems can occur with sorbitol after eating a few grams. After an adjustment period, the amount of sorbitol in these products is enough to promote bad plaque bacteria. Again – nothing happens until the 2nd or 3rd piece of gum ( or mints) but then the sorbitol will be able to give the bacteria energy to grow and multiply.

The amount of sorbitol listed in these oral care products will not do this – there is no continued use.

Another problem with sorbitol is that it can give you gastric distress at very low dosage: bloating and gas. For many years xylitol and sorbitol were confused. My point is that they are POLES apart – and must not be confused.  Realize that xylitol is a “health sugar” and sorbitol is a “cheap sweetening product” that should not be ingested.

Hope this clears up why you should use the system I recommend. Don’t start mixing and matching – trying to outsmart the system – or it will not work.

I have not found a toothpaste with xylitol that I can recommend as part of the system. Most xylitol pastes are far too abrasive and will not protect your teeth enough. If I find a better system- you can be sure that I will let everyone know.

DO avoid any baby or teething products with sorbitol. Better to clean a baby’s teeth with a solution of xylitol crystals in water ( or Spiffies tooth wipes).

My grandson brushes his teeth with a little xylitol granules on the brush.
Thanks for your interest and questions.

Enjoy your Zellies!!


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