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Hi, Dr. Ellie

I have been on the Dr. Ellie system for seven months. I had a checkup yesterday and the dentist could find NO cavities. On my previous checkup, the dentist had found 5 or 6 cavities that he wanted to drill and fill. I declined at that time and was fortunate enough to find your system. Therefore, all cavities had healed in the intervening seven months of being on the system. My kindly dentist was befuddled – I was relieved and pleased.

Unfortunately, the dental hygienist had to work hard to clean my teeth because of the plaque staining spoken of by you and others on your site. But once she was finished, my teeth looked great. Just as importantly, they felt strong and clean with no tooth sensitivity.

I do, however, have one more issue to ask you about. Before I started on your system, I had some staining from pipe smoking on my lower teeth along the gum line. According to my dentist, this staining is on the root of the tooth (where the gums have receded some) and not the tooth proper. He said it is purely a cosmetic issue and not a threat to the health of the tooth. The hygienist could not remove this staining (a dark, tarry looking color). When I smile, it is far enough back in my mouth that it is not readily noticeable. Actually, my smile looks great. I would, however, like to get rid of this staining if I could do so in an intelligent way.

Question: What would be the Dr. Ellie way to address this staining?

Thanks again for sharing your highly effective system.

Best Regards and a Big Hug


Hi D,


Thanks so much for your update – I am not surprised ( unlike your dentist! Ha!) but I am very, very happy for you.

Most importantly because oral health impacts your body health – especially lowering your risk for stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

If you are (or were) at some risk for these conditions ( hereditary etc) you are now at less risk – in other words this simple change in your mouth health will help you live longer and be healthier!!!!
Wow – that was easy – (as they say)!!

As for the root stains.
I would continue for at least a couple of years on this system before doing anything about these.
If after two years you are still bothered by them in any way – perhaps you may consider a one time bleaching program with your dentist.

If you read my chapter on whitening in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye – you will see my position on bleaching.

I never recommend the cheap regular whitening that is destroying everyone’s teeth. But a one-time sensible treatment by a good dentist would possibly raise these stains.

Keep up on the xylitol and the “stains” that your hygienist had to clean away will not return – they were dead plaque. Try to get those in your circle of friends and family on the system – so they don’t re-infect you when you share food or kiss them. Remember to keep your toothbrush clean – Zellies brushes are cheap so they can be used and tossed away often.

Congratulations again on your oral health successes!
Best Wishes and thank you so much for sending me this wonderful message,


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  • Anonymous says:

    Hello!What should a person with Sjorgens syndrome do? Did you ever succeeded to stop the constant decay developing under the crowns?Please, advice.Thank you.M

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Can I help – Absolutely!You need adequate amounts of xylitol all day long ( Zellies fruit mints are fabulous!!)Be careful about acidity – especially citrus ( lemon/orange flavors and juices etc) and try to eat or drink anything citrus in a meal – while you are eating other things.My mouth rinse system would help keep teeth and gums healthy and in tip top condition.You may need to use the ACT rinse during the day ( after lunch) but use the entire system – (with all the rinses and paste I recommend) – morning and last thing before bed.During the night – drink alkaline water ( if possible) and add a quarter teaspoon of xylitol to the water – to keep your mouth healthy.If you wake with dry mouth – a Zellies fruit mint is safe to eat during the night.Hope this helps – YOU MUST!!!! use my system!Ellie

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