Holistic Mouth Care

Dr. Ellie,

Do you have a mouth rinse routine that is holistic? I do not use products with carcinogens in them like sodium benzoate.



Hi S.,

I am not trying to convert people to a particular brand of product – I am here to explain a system of care that I think is incredible and exciting and that I KNOW works!!!

In my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye I explain about risk factors – and how to achieve sustainable and ultimate oral health – no matter how bad your family history, how weak your teeth are or how many risk factors you have that makes it hard for your teeth to be healthy.

The system I discovered involves the use of specific toothpaste and rinses – over the counter products. I understand the concerns that you may have about specific ingredients – but I hope that such a tiny element would not prevent you from using the system to get rid of any dental problems that you may have. If you do not wish to use the products that I recommend, then I cannot promise you the same results.

I am a believer in natural health and the power of natural healing. In fact my system stimulates natural tooth and gum repair – to such a degree that people see their teeth brighten, feel stronger and more comfortable in a miraculous way.

Oral Health is intimately connected to general health. Please remember that if your oral health is not perfect – then you will be subjecting yourself to the onslaught of bacterial damage, infection and inflammation possibly all over your body – from a source in your mouth.

I am not suggesting that any of my rinses are eaten or consumed – merely used to promote natural healing and long-term health of gums and teeth. I understand what you are looking for – but I do not know of ANY other system that can give you the same results as my system.

Thanks for your interest,

Best Wishes,


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  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Dr. Ellie,I would like to know if your System will help remove existing tartar on a persons teeth? Thanks.J.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Yes – my system should help a lot and make both gums and teeth healthier.You need the entire system for this to happen – I hope you will try it!Ellie

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