Bacteria Transfer


Thank you so much for answering my last mail!

We have used your products for 2 weeks now and really like them.

Nice to have a clean teeth experience and to see that even if I clench my teeth, small pieces of my teeth don’t break off anymore (also try to get enough minerals ).

Love your mints and chewing gums!

I can see that we will use up the liquids long before the toothpaste. But you only sell packages, right?

Can we use any Listerine for cleaning of the toothbrushes ( we can buy other Listerine types in this country)?

A question: since we are to keep the tooth products away from toilet area, is is so that the bacteria from the mouth comes out the other end and can be in the air?

What about people with cavity forming bacteria and sharing living space? We stayed with my parents in law for 6 months and I felt my dental health got worse. They have the worst teeth I ever have seen in reality. So my question is actually: is it more ways to spread the bacteria than through kissing?

Again, thank you very much!


C, Norway

Hi C,

Thanks for your question – and yes, I believe that air droplets from toilets are a problem. This is not talked about much – since people don’t like the idea of this.

I also think there is a splatter problem when people floss – if they splash plaque all over other people’s toothbrushes.

I also worry about splatter during a dental cleaning.
Droplets in the air from a previous cleaning patient could potentially infect your teeth so I suggest you reserve to be the first visit in the morning – preferably after a long weekend!
No one talks about these methods of bacteria transfer – but I think it is important to try and protect yourself as much as possible.
Xylitol will help you – along with the use of my system – even if the worst bacteria are trying to infect you.

It is important to grow and promote a PROTECTIVE film over your teeth.
A healthy biofilm can protect you from infection. It takes about 6 months of xylitol use of xylitol + the rinse system that I recommend.

Hope this helps!


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