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Hi Dr. Phillips,

Been on your complete program now for 4 months and my teeth and gums feel GREAT! I’m so happy. Can’t wait for that first dental cleaning to remove all the black rings.

Before I started your complete program I had so much sensitivity around the gum line that I literally thought I was going to loose all my teeth. I’ve always tried to take good care of my teeth (i.e., regular cleanings and fluoride treatments at the dentists and regular brushing and flossing at home). When I had my first visit to the dentist after the birth of my son, the dentist said that I had a grove forming around one of my back molars and a small bit of exposed root. He wanted to seal everything with a clear sealant. He also found some soft enamel that he diagnosed as a cavity using the dental prob on one of my back molars. I have enjoyed relatively great tooth health and couldn’t understand why all of a sudden I was having teeth problems. The only problems I’d had previously was a cavity filled since childhood and some acid wear on one of my canines. A few years ago my original filling came a bit loose and I had to have it re-filled.

I went to a second dentist for a second opinion and she concurred with the first dentists findings. I asked if there was anything I could do about the grove forming on my teeth and the soft enamel. I was again told there was nothing I could do. She took some x-rays and I asked here if she felt it was safe for me to postpone filling the cavity and sealing the grove in my teeth for a while and got the green light. Started your complete program that same day and tossed the mouth guard I used to sleep with. My husband is also on your complete program as well.

I am happy to report that the sensitivity in the tooth with the grove is almost gone! I was having some sensitivity when I chewed with it and that has gone as well. I cannot comment on the molar with the cavity in it yet as I have a dental appointment in a few months to check up on that but it is certainly not as sensitive as it used to be.

I have a couple of things that I wanted to ask you about that I couldn’t find specific answers to in your book:

1) My husband and I were planning to have another baby soon. Based on the state of my teeth right now (and the limited information you have above on them), what would you recommend as the best way to continue to improve my teeth? I feel comfortable taking the xylitol during my pregnancy but I’m not sure if it is safe to use all the other products you recommend, in particular the Listerine (it contains alcohol and eucaliptus oil).

2) You recommend people follow your program for at least 2 years. I was wondering after the 2 years what then? Do we still continue on with the complete program or can we scale back? I’m willing to do the complete program for the 2 years to “nurse” my teeth back to health but if I could get off of Closys and Listerine I would feel better. Would your answer to this question change based on the dental problems people may have had in the past such as the problems I’ve discussed above (i.e., the groves in my teeth, the acid wear and potential cavity)?

3) I’m caring for my son’s (11 months old now) teeth by giving him a small amount of Xylitol during the day on the end of spoon after meals/snacks. I brush his teeth with Xylitol diluted a little water followed by brushing with a drop of floride in the morning after breakfast and again just before he goes to bed at night. We’ve been caring for his teeth this way since he was 8 months old. I’ve noticed that his teeth are faintly yellow near the gum line but I didn’t notice any whitish plaque so I think this is OK. Just wanted to check in to be sure.

4) Can we keep our son on the dental care regime discussed in question #3 indefinately and just use the complete program if he starts having any problems? If not, is there a point which you would recommend we switch up his program?

I wanted to mention that I had read some other peoples comments to you about how their teeth had been looking yellower under your program. I though my teeth were starting to look a little yellower as well and I follow your program religiously! For me I think the reason they are starting to look yellower though is my teeth are beginning to get whiter and the yellow patches really stands out now compared with before when all my teeth were more yellow than white. I’m not sure if this is what other people were experiencing or not but I thought that I would mention it as a possible explanation. Overall my teeth are looking whiter.

Thank-you very much for all your hard work and for writing the book. It’s one of the few books I’ve read in my life so far that has had a huge impact on me and my family’s life.

Thanks once again,

Hi C,

I wanted to chat with you – because I thought you may get more from a conversation with me than an e-mail.

If you decide you want to do this – it is $75 per half hour consultation – and we can cover all subjects related to oral health for you and your family.

In the meantime, I will try to cover some of what appear to be your most pressing questions.

I see you have concerns about Closys and Listerine – but I am not exactly sure what your worries are about these products.

I would not be recommending anything that I did not use myself.

I began with myself, my family, my friends and my own personal patients decades ago.

I decided to spread the word to my employees about 20 years ago and then to the general public about 10 years ago.

They delay in offering advice to the public was the difficulty of suggesting specific rinses, purchased in different stores, and teach them how to use them as I recommend, not as it describes on the label + Zellies in addition.

Without the internet and my blog – I do not think I could have spread the word!

Besides, you have to understand that I make no money from promotion of these products.

In Rochester (where I have lived for 30 years) our local grocery store has top sales for ACT in the country!

I expect it is the same with Closys – although no one in the company has told me this! Ha!

I work to promote them day and night ……every day and night …….why?

Because this system works (your own comments below describes your own improvements in 4 months).

I would be very interested to know what are your concerns about these “ingredients” that have already made your teeth feel great and healthier in 4 months.

There is FAR MORE danger from harmful mouth bacteria in your mouth – so why would you prefer to give up such a great system?

If I could understand why – I may be able to answer your questions better.

2 years will get you to maximum benefits – providing you stick with the system, protect your mouth from dryness and acidity – and find a way to stop getting re-infected.

You mentioned that you had a bite plate and also that your teeth were sensitive and yellowish – which are indications of too much acidity in your mouth.

I wonder if you have discovered what was the source of that acidity?

Let me know if you have more questions,

I am happy to help,


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