Question on Toothpaste

Hello, Dr. Ellie!

I’m reading through your book and am absolutely amazed by the science, and testimonials. Thank you so much for writing this book!

I’m currently using Spry xylitol (with aloe) toothpaste from the organic food store. Is that okay to substitute for the regular Crest toothpaste??

Thanks so much!


Hi Heather,

Thanks for your message – it is great to find so many interested people out there!

The answer to your question may surprise you. Personally I think you should go and get Crest Cavity Protection paste!

If you have good teeth – and are happy with the health of your mouth – then your paste is not going to cause harm.

Just remember that there is not enough xylitol in this paste to really count it as an “application”

The biggest concern I have with this xylitol paste is the “grind” of the silica in it.

This paste is quite abrasive and can cause damage in a delicate mouth with softened teeth.

If you have gum recession, erosion or weak enamel – then I do NOT suggest using this xylitol paste.

If you continue to use this paste – you will not get the same results that you would achieve if you use my “complete product line” – in the exact format.

Here is a link to cliff notes of the book:

This system is based on a plethora of inter-related chemistry and the product choices are exact.

This is like a recipe for a cake.

Try baking a cake one day using bread flour – or substitute powder sugar for granulated sugar – and see the difference it makes!

The items “seem” the same – but the results are changed.

I understand that “organic” always sounds as if it should be better than regular “store purchased”.

The Gold Standard of paste is the old, traditional Crest – formulated in the 1950s.

It was tested, tried and found to be as close to perfect as possible.

Then in the 1960s new toothpastes started to be developed – initially for third-world countries – using cheaper ingredients – like chalk in place of silica.

It was soon after this when the oral care companies woke up and decided ” Wow, THIS is how we can make money”……….

It has basically been a downhill slope since then.

On the other hand – the “organic” companies have been part of the problem – creating different problems for consumers.

What you need is a great system that develops Sustainable Oral Health – and a way to naturally heal teeth!

I would suggest you follow my special system – and see what you think in about 6 months time!

Hope this helps,


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