Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been using your system for the past month now and I’m so AMAZED at the results. My teeth have never felt cleaner–each time I follow the steps in your system I feel as if I just had my teeth professionally cleaned! It’s a WONDERFUL feeling. Also my teeth look whiter, I have less sensitivity, my teeth are just in such great shape and are improving more and more each day.

It’s funny I fell asleep last night without cleaning my teeth and I was amazed at how clean my mouth felt this morning despite missing my before bed cleaning!

I was very reluctant to use fluoride again but once I read at how conservative you are with its usage I figured why not give it a try again (I have a mildly discolored tooth from excessive fluoride use in my childhood thanks to fluoridated water.)

Anyway I just wanted to let you know how well your dental care system is working for me. I wish there were more dentists like you in the world!

Thank you,


Hi KM,

Thank you so much for your testimonial –
I need testimonials to persuade others to follow this system.

When I try to “sell” the system only a few believe me! You would be amazed at the time, effort and money I have put into trying to “sell” mouth rinses that are not even mine! Ha!

Did you read my book or did you just find my website?
I would love to keep in touch and hear more as the time goes along.

Thank you again for writing.
Messages like yours give me great encouragement.

I do what I do because this is my mission.
My goals are not dependent on being appreciated – but it is really nice to hear first hand from people like you!

Best Wishes,


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