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I was wondering why you do not recommend CloSYS toothpaste over Crest. I am prone to canker sores and CloSYS claims their ingredients will not promote canker sores. Could their product be substituted for Crest in your program?



Hi JS,

When you use the system of rinses in the order that I recommend, there is specific interaction between the products – and we have NEVER had any complaints of cancer sores – even people who have experienced them in the past. I believe that it is important to use EXACTLY the products that I recommend – and I cannot tell you what will happen if you change the “recipe” that I recommend. If you use other products – the outcome probably will not be the same – the system is “a system” for this reason!

I agree that SLS is a problem in some pastes and products. It is important to find the correct CREST toothpaste.

The Crest Cavity Protection – original paste – is manufactured with silica and this binds the SLS so it does not pose the problems that exist with the cheaper formulas (made using chalk and other ingredients like stannous fluoride). I NEVER recommend Crest Pro Health for these reasons.

I throw most “free” samples of toothpaste given to me IN THE GARBAGE – because I feel so strongly about their harmful effects.

I campaign with Not For Profit Organizations NOT to hand out these poor quality pastes to underserved communities – because they do more harm than good. 
Why is it always the cheap and bad stuff that are “free handouts” from oral care companies? Ha!

Closys paste does not go in the garbage when they send me samples. I like this paste and I like this Company. 

This is the only sample stuff that I keep. I hand it out to people that I believe will most benefit from this paste. 
These are usually people who may be at risk for gum disease and who are not be able to use the full program that I recommend because of their situation ( in a VA , nursing home, hospital etc).
I also think this paste may provide an adjunct for a weekend trip – when taking liquids is too difficult.

I just don’t think it will perform in my system. Sorry!

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