Hello Dr. Phillips,

I know you’re very busy regarding your business and your practice, and I would like to know if you could answer a few questions regarding Zellies xylitol. I’ve been on your system for over one year now and have had great results, but their a few concerns regarding the use of xylitol and the effects it has on me. Here are the questions that I have for you:

I have been diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorbtion and Avocado allergies which fall under the Birch Tree allergy. I cannot really eat fruit or sugar alcohols which seem to cause digestive problems even in small amounts. I believe when I ingest xylitol (Zellies mints, gums and granules) after eating and in between meals, it’s somehow prevents me from absorbing the nutrients from my meals. I’ve noticed ever since I have been using xylitol some of my fingernails have become flat with vertical lines which my doctor has said my be due some type of malabsorption. My question is this, do I have to ingest xylitol to be effective or can I use it like a mouth rinse similar to ACT mouthwash. Example: use a couple of packets of Zellies granules in 16oz of Fiji Water and use this throughout the day as a mouth rinse, holding the water solution for 3-5 minutes in my mouth mixing and swooshing it with my saliva and then spitting it out, instead of ingesting it? I don’t eat anything acidic and my saliva is usually 6.8 to 6.9 ph and I only drink Fiji Water as my only liquid throughout the day. I really don’t want to give up using xylitol to protect my teeth, as I have seen great results, any information or your opinion would be great!

Thank you,

Hi RF,

I would seriously doubt that xylitol has any impact on your condition – since the body makes 15 grams of xylitol during the metabolic process each day. However, if you prefer to make it into a solution – rinse and spit – that will work just as well.

I am assuming your physician has put you on good probiotics. Maybe down the road you can start adding a tiny bit of xylitol back into your diet. It is a good “prebiotic” food – and my experience was that it has many general health healing properties.

You must do what you feel is best for you – but yes, your teeth will be happy however you use xylitol. Remember that oral health has a huge impact on general health – so that keeping your mouth healthy with my system would be wonderful for all your health concerns.

Best Wishes,


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  • Susan says:

    Is it safe to consume birch-derived Xylitol if one has an allergy to Birch tree pollen?

    On a separate subject, I noticed that using the CloSys, Crest, Listerine & ACT system severely dries out the mucous membranes in my throat. Is this normal, or should I alter one or more of the products I’m using to avoid this? I’ve used Listerine for years, so I suspect that the CloSys might be the culprit.

    I am attempting to remineralize a molar that has had a dark hairline “stain” in the grooves of the tooth for decades (literally) and only recently was found to be “sticky” when the dentist examined it with a probe, indicating (in his opinion) a cavity. My x-ray a year ago did not show a cavity and my dental exam 6 months ago (no x-ray that time) didn’t turn up any problems either. A few of my molars have been prone to these types of dark spots, some of which have disappeared over the years (the spots…not the teeth!). I’ve only had 3 cavities (counting this one) in my 50+ years of life. Do you have any suggestions as I attempt to continue to remineralize this tooth?

    Also, are there specific foods I can munch on after meals (carrots? apples?) that can have the same alkalizing effect as xylitol?

    Thanks in advance!


    • People with birch allergies do not have any problems with xylitol derived from birch, and people with corn allergies do not have problems with xylitol from corn.
      I am not sure why this system of care dries your throat. In fact I have responded to people who found they hyper-salivated (produced more saliva than usual) at the start, but this went away as they became used to the “feel” of the system. I suggest you ensure that you are using the correct products – especially the toothpaste ( Cavity Protection and not any other Crest paste); the original Listerine (brown) or Cool Mint ( never the alcohol-free or whitening etc). Also ensure you do not rinse with water between the steps – go from one to the next. There is no reason to gargle with the Closys or any of the rinses, especially if you have a throat sensation that is bothering you.

      If I were in your shoes, I would definitely try to avoid having a filling. You have an excellent track record of strong teeth, and it sounds that this cavity can probably be reversed. Enamel is crystalline and re-grows in correct conditions. Cheese is the only food that has studies to show it can help remineralize teeth – when eaten at the conclusion of meals. Make sure to give your teeth lots of time to interact with the saliva in your mouth – it is healthy saliva that mineralizes teeth – and xylitol works by stimulating a flow of mineral rich saliva to come into the mouth.

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