Testimonial: Whiter Teeth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I noticed on your Blog that someone asked about testimonials for whiter teeth. Since my primary concern was the size of the pockets that were developing in my mouth (which have been reduced, thanks to your system), I never mentioned how my teeth and gums look. I could tell after about a month that my gums were definitely getting pinker. And having been told I had Gingivitis, I was very encouraged by the results. After about a month and a half, I thought my teeth were getting a bit whiter. Not the bright white that I see some people have, but a definite progression away from the yellowish hue my teeth normally had. However, for a while I just dismissed it as my imagination being hopeful that things were really turning around.

After two months, when I was explaining the system to my parents, they asked if it would whiten teeth. They said that they had thought my teeth had gotten whiter, but they weren’t sure enough to ask. To me, that was validation enough that it wasn’t just my imagination… my parents actually thought that I was whitening my teeth. While I was someday hoping to possibly get my teeth whitened, it was never a major goal of mine. I just wanted to be able to keep my teeth. However, now that they are whitening on their own, I feel like I’m having my cake and eating it too (followed by a few Zellies)!

Thanks again for all you do (and for discovering this fantastic system)!


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  • Dear Dr. Ellie,I've not been able to figure out how to post to you except through a comment on a previous post and this seemed the perfect place to "comment" because I could have written this myself!I had my six-month check up with a new dentist I like very much and after six months of following your system the hygenist told me she could find "very little plaque or tarter" and my gums were "nice and pink and flat."The dentist mentioned before checking my mouth that there were "a couple of pockets" he was watching but the only thing he said after looking in my mouth, tooth by tooth was "no cavities!" I discovered you and your system after my former dentist, who had taken over the practice of another dentist, told me on my first visit to him that I had to have three crowns, two fillings and he had to pull a tooth that was "so far gone he couldn't save it."This was after seeing the dentist every six months for several years and taking daily extra good care of my teetth the standard brush/floss/rinse way.Needless to say he reached my bottom line and I spent the next few days on the Internet where I discovered you and through a friend a different dentist.I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do, for maintaining this website and offering such a tremendous service to all who find your website.I've been spreading the word about xylitol and your system and website and want to thank you again. I have several other questions to ask buy will do that later as time permits. I just wanted to get this message to you before time got too far away from me and I forgot.I don't want to give my full name on the web so will sign simply djean

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your message.I am happy to offer help to anyone who needs it.I love to explain how amazing it is to heal teeth NATURALLY!If you know anyone would like a personal consultation – I will be offering a way to do this in a few weeks.I think talking personally to some people can be more helpful thank posting on a blog.Please let me know if you have any more questions about your oral health.I truly appreciate the time you took to write to me with your nice message.Best Wishes,EllieDr.Ellie Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral Healthwww.DrEllie.comDr Ellie@drellie.com

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