Toothpaste with Sorbitol

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I just looked on the toothpaste I am currently using and discovered it has sorbitol in it. Should I discontinue using it?


The only toothpaste I recommend is Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste ( for a number of important reasons to do with its texture and main active ingredients).
This type of Crest paste does have a tiny amount of sorbitol in the recipe ( I wish it did not – but they are not going to change this paste any time soon!)

If you are using my Complete Mouth Care process – the sorbitol in this paste is going to be washed away by the following mouth rinses – so its presence does not affect the outcome!

The main concern with sorbitol is in sugarless mints and gum ( like Trident and Orbit) that some people eat all day – thinking they are harmless to teeth.

On the second or third mint, plaque bacteria learn how to use the sorbitol as an energy source, to grow and multiply – and thicken up as dangerous plaque – ugh!!

Thanks so much for your question,

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  • Anonymous says:

    The ACT also contains sorbitol as one of the ingredients.. and this is the last step so it can't be rinsed away.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Yes, I wish these rinses and toothpaste were made without sorbitol – but don't stress about sorbitol as an ingredient in the rinses – it is insignificant in THIS situation.Let me try to explain:The problem with sorbitol occurs in a mouth with unhealthy plaque – in an unbalanced mouth where the biofilm on teeth is already waiting to explode and grow and damage your teeth.This would describe perhaps a teen with a dry mouth ( braces) drinking acidic drinks ( soda) who at the same time is chewing sugarless gum with sorbitol.In THIS situation the sorbitol will "jump-star"t the already " energized" bacteria and they will grow and multiply.You need an UNHEALTHY biofilm for the sorbitol to jump-start it into action. If you are on my system, the biofilm on your teeth is already delightful, healthy and protective!This is why a tiny amount of sorbitol in a mouth rinses used after brushing and cleaning your teeth – is NOT a problem.In sugarless gum or diet drinks – it can be a big problem…..I hope I have better described the difference.

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