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Dear Dr. Ellie,

A friend sent me your website and I have begun using your tooth care system on myself and my children. I just want to check that I am doing the right steps for my kids. I have a four year old who has had a lot of tooth trouble. He had four caps on his front teeth at age one, most of which have fallen off. One tooth needed to be pulled this fall and he had three cavities filled at the same time. Needless to say this is very expensive and frustrating. Your system has given me hope that I can actually do something to help him! I was told my son’s original problems stemmed from breastfeeding at night and it is a relief to read in your blog that breastfeeding alone can not be the cause. Unfortunately it seems many dentists are not educated enough about breastfeeding which causes a lot of confusion for moms and how to best care for their children. I also have a 18 month old that has no tooth decay as of now.

For both boys I am giving them a small amount of water with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of xylitol after meals and snack- so 4 times a day. For the four year old I am brushing with crest toothpaste 2x a day. He is good about rinsing and spiting so I am wondering if I should be doing the closys and listerine steps as well? I have been putting ACT on his teeth just at night with a q-tip. I just want to be sure about what products are safe to use on a child his age. 

For the 18 month old I am also brushing his teeth with crest 2x a day and wondering if this is safe because he does not spit it out. I use a very small amount but just want to be sure it’s ok. In the past I’ve used non fluoride Toms of Maine paste so it is an adjustment. 

I am very excited about this system. Thank you for the work you do….finally I have hope for my sons teeth! I have been using the system on my teeth for a week and they already feel great. We do not have dental insurance so it is also great to have an affordable plan of action.

Thank you,

Hi EG,

I read your methods and agree with everything you are doing.

It is important to see cavities as a contagious, transferrable, bacterial disease!
Think about people in your family or day care – are your kids at risk from picking up disease from these individuals?

Try to spread the word about xylitol where you can.

You methods seem great for your kids.
I think perhaps brushing with a drop of ACT for the 18 month old would be better than with toothpaste.
You can also brush with a solution of xylitol in water – that works.

I recently had my young grand daughter staying here – and we would wet a teaspoon – touch the end into some granular xylitol after a meal – and let the dissolving crystals clean her teeth after a meal!
Try this out yourself and feel how clean it makes your teeth.

When you have time – you would probably enjoy my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

My book explains WHY xylitol and these particular mouth rinses work, what a cavity really is and why a filling does nothing more than block up a hole in the tooth!

This is a disease – and it should never be ignored.
Dental disease will not go away with dental visit cleanings – everyone must clean their own mouth ( with xylitol and the rinses I recommend)
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to answer your questions and be helpful,

Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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