Sorbitol and Sacharin

Hi Dr. Ellie.

After using your method for a few months now, I would like to tell you that it has worked very well for us, my husband, my son Dennis, (20), my daughter (5) and myself. Thanks a lot for the information.

I have tried to offer the healthiest practices and foods to my family and then I got your book which challenged me to re-introduce fluoride products in our daily life. I think the way you recommend it poses no great problem for our health, but now I have a concern that has been in my mind for awhile. The Sorbitol (first ingredient in the list) and the Sacharin (last ingredient related to cancer in lab rats) in the toothpastes, Listerine and Act rinses. I could find a different way for the toothpaste, but for the Listerine and ACT rinses?

You see, according to Homeopathy, the mouth is probably the most sensitive area that relates to ABSORBING chemicals or homeopathic remedies. The mouth is in contact with the sorbitol and sacharin for at least 30 seconds two times at least at night. Then, since we are not to rinse with anything else after the ACT rinse, there is some residue in the mouth for the entire night. That is my major concern now.

TOMS has a natural product that claims to kill bacteria (instead of Listerine). And a toothpaste containing Monofluorophosphate that could be used with some water for the fluoride rinse (instead of ACT). I know that you stress the importance of not substituting products, but, do you see my concern? I don’t mean to change your wonderful research, but to share with you my worry since I have convinced even my husband to try your system. The entire family is following your suggestions.

My 5 yro. has three cavities which require “attention”. Well, I am trusting your system and the cavities have not hurt her for a while now. It is too soon to know whether the teeth are experiencing any repair, yet, but just the fact that my husband has not told me to get her to the dentist gives me hope.

I lost a crown and the top of the tooth was black and ugly, but I am almost sure that it is looking better. The black has turned into a grey and the color of the tooth that was under the crown is looking more alive and healthier. Of course I do not expect the rest of the tooth to grow back, but those results encourage me to continue, but I do not know what to do with the concerns that I shared above. Do you have any comments at all?
God bless you and thanks for reading.

Hi M,

The impact of poor oral health on general health is deadly (AND I MEAN DEADLY).

This is a far bigger concern than an unproven concern that sorbitol, saccharine or other ingredient in these mouth rinses could absorb through the skin of your mouth during a minute of rinsing.
Cavity and gum disease pathogens have been PROVEN to affect your entire body health in multiple ways – and they are there in your mouth 24/7
Think about that!!

The residue left on your teeth after spitting out is so minimal – ( spit out several times – but don’t rinse away the benefits from the weak cracks and pits in your teeth – that’s where you need the help).

I am recommending one of the WEAKEST fluoride products – not a strong gel ( as prescribed by many dentists.) 

This is because I am aware of the problems of ingesting fluoride (you must read my chapter on Fluoride in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye) and because WEAKER fluoride works better than strong!

ANY filling material poses a great health concern – and NONE are natural. If you have children with cavities and dental damage – why not try to heal these problems naturally? This combination of rinses is based on solid chemistry – multiple facts and multiple features that only these rinses offer.

Whom do you want to trust? I know a wonderful integrative medicine doctor – who understands the dangers of toxins and the benefits of health. I persuaded her to use my system for her patients – so many of whom have dental problems DESPITE their homeopathic approach to living. Healthy teeth = Healthy Mouth.

If you mix and match – or use other products – you are on your own. As far as I know – no one else in the country is promoting that they have a system that can virtually eradicate dental disease – arrest cavities and rebuild them – AND help gums heal.

You will, however need to make your own choice.


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