Review of Zellies Mints


I recently sampled the Zellies mints and wanted to let you know what I thought of them.

I really like these mints – all of them – and am excited by the healthy aspects that they provide in addition to freshening my breath. I have to admit – I think I like the stronger mints a little bit better because I am used to using Eclipse mints which are pretty powerful. I do like that the Cool Mints seem a little bit more firm, so they last a bit longer in your mouth – but I really can take a *lot* stronger mint than either of these provide.

My breath and mouth didn’t feel as fresh as it does with stronger mints I’ve tried, but it could be that I’m simply used to using strong mints. It could also be that the Xylitol is doing more for my mouth and breath than I even realize and maybe I don’t need the mint to ‘cover up’ the lack of freshness going forward.

By the way, you mentioned in your enclosed note that the Cool Mints were Kosher – are the stronger mints Kosher as well? I don’t care as much about this as I do about the Vegan aspect, but I’m curious. As long as they are all vegan, I’m good!

Thanks again!!

Hi Kim,

Don’t rely on breath mints for your breath!
My recommendation for you is to revisit how you clean and care for your mouth.
Not all toothpaste is good for your mouth ( even if you buy it in a health food store) – and my system of care is fantastic if you can take a leap of faith and give it a try.

If what I suggest is too overwhelming to start – at least get the Closys rinse from Walgreens and give that a try.

Do not use any flavor ( it comes with a separate flavor vial) and use the Closys BEFORE you brush your teeth.

It tastes like water – but it will really be effective for your breath if you use it morning and night before bed.

Zellies mints ( the stronger ones) are available on the website

Hope this helps you achieve a higher level of oral health.
Oral health impacts general health – so it is very important.

Best Wishes,


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