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Hello Dr. Phillips,

I have read your book and am interested in starting the program. I am concerned because it appears that every ACT mouth rinse, including the alcohol free ones, list sorbitol as an ingredient, and you have clearly said to stay away from sorbitol. Are there ACT rinses without it? Also, do you have a list of stores that sell Closy’s, or is it only sold online? I appreciate your help, and thank you for the book!



Hi A,

If I made my own line of (expensive!!) oral care products – I would sweeten them with xylitol and eliminate colors and a few other unnecessary ingredients!

Until that happens ( and it is not on my mega list of things to do) – what we have on the grocery store shelf is ( in my opinion) the best product to use.
(Closys is available from Walgreens drug stores, through Amazon and directly from the company – plus many dentists have it in their offices. Ask.)

Is ACT perfect? Not perfect – but it will work!

Act will help your teeth – more than you can imagine. (If you need testimonial support – go to Amazon and read my book reviews – from many people who have used this system with spectacular results.)

Providing you are eliminating plaque with xylitol and the other rinses I recommend – sorbitol ( in ACT product) is not a problem.

My main concern for sorbitol is for individuals who think ( because sorbitol is sugarless) that it is safe for teeth.

In our restaurant servers were eating sugarless breath mints ( from Starbucks) that were made with 100 percent sorbitol. 

They were snacking on cookies, drinking acidic coffee and eating these mints. Yuck!!
Now they eat Zellies mint mints and suddenly their plaque has gone.

Xylitol is essential in this program – and so is using the exact system.
This is like a “cake recipe” and cannot be changed – if you want to experience the same results!

There should be no water rinsing between the steps – After rising with Closys- spit out and then go to brushing with Crest ( make sure you have the correct and original one) to Listerine, and then finally to ACT.

There is a lot of information on my website and also a lot of questions have been posted on my blog.

I hope that answers your question – and if you have time to let me know how things are going, I always love to hear feedback!

Best Wishes,

ElliePhillips DDS

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