Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been on your program for about 2.5 years (full program with the correct rinses in correct order as well as xylitol), although my compliance hasn’t been great. I’ve always found it difficult to spread my xylitol out across the day, so just putting it into the water I drink anyway is a great option!

Just as a testament to your program, I missed two years of dentist appointments and, when I finally went in yesterday, all I needed was a few coffee stains removed! I have acid reflux and tons of stress, so I use your program to maintain my currently good oral health!

Thank you again. Your system is amazing and far cheaper than dental problems!

Hi E,

Wow!!!! I am thrilled for you – and thanks for your message.
May I use it on my blog as a testimonial – without your name, of course?
As you see more and more benefits, I am sure you will gain even greater enthusiasm for achieving these exciting end results.

Now we are starting to discover how important oral health is for general health.
How great that you have a handle on your oral health – that is terrific!!

As for your acid reflux – do you have enough good salt and magnesium in your diet / supplements?
There is an interesting book by David Brownstein called Salt your Way to Health.

He discusses the interactions that may cause acid reflux – and low salt or mineral deficient diets may cause this condition.  Here is a link – there are others if you google him:

Let’s hope we can solve all your problems this easily!
Thanks again and please keep in touch – I LOVE to hear the success stories!!


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