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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using your system for over 2 months, and my last dental checkup went great (I was so excited, I had sent you an Email). I mentioned my success to my parents, and they said they would like to try it as well. So, I went and bought the rinses and toothpaste for them (Closys, Listerine, ACT, and Crest). I also gave them some of my Zellies mints. Last night, I asked them how things were going, and they said that they were following everything very well… except for the Xylitol. Apparently, they don’t remember to take the mints, and they don’t want to drink water that has granular xylitol added to it.

My question is this… Will your system still help them at all (even without the Xylitol), or would they have been better staying with the old Brush / Floss routine? I’m hoping there is still some benefit from your system without the Xylitol, but I thought I’d check if you have had any experience with other patients with similar mindsets. I’ve tried to stress that the Xylitol is part of the “system”, but I don’t think I’m going to get through to them on this.

Any thoughts you may have about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi TS,

To solve this problem I would need to know what their problem is.

a) Do the mints not fit their lifestyle?
b) Do they think xylitol is some strange and crazy artificial sweetener ?
c) Do they WANT to use xylitol – and just FORGET to use xylitol?

It is important to understand what is going on – or why they are reluctant.

a) For people who don’t eat mints or chew gum – then granular IS the way to go.
You can add a quarter teaspoon to water and you will not even taste it.
If they really do not want to do this – perhaps they could keep some 4 gram packets on the dining table and dip fresh fruit into the “sugar” as a dessert at the end of each meal.

b) People need to know that the history of xylitol use is over 2500 years! The word comes from the chinese word that describes “sugar from the white tree” and xylitol is found in many fruits and vegetables – even in the human body. It helps digestion, loosens plaque on teeth (to make rinses work better) is diabetic safe, low calorie, has a low glycemic index, is good for osteoporosis, and will help you avoid gum and dental disease………which is not bad for a start!

You can tell them that in progressive spa clinics for very sick patients – the FIRST THING patients are given is xylitol!! The US military has used xylitol in every meal pack since 2001. Xylitol is given to preschool kids in Scandinavia to prevent cavities. Almost 80% of candy is made with xylitol in Europe where it has been used in place of “sugar” since WW II

c) Forgetting to use xylitol is understandable – but a real shame. The rinses will help – but not nearly as much as they will help when given some extra oomph from xylitol!
Xylitol will loosen plaque, stop calculus forming, protect teeth and generally help improve oral health ( with multiple benefits).
Tell them that their next visit to the dentist will be amazing – if they just incorporate this tiny amount into their lives – it really is a miraculous product!

On the other hand, if those arguments do not work – maybe you can find a hunk of birchwood for them to chew on (as did Native Americans and also many other cultures around the world!)
Just kidding!!

Hope this helps,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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