Diluting Granulated Xylitol

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Thank you so much for all that you do.

I have a quick question. You’ve stated that the dilution of xylitol in water doesn’t matter as long as you get 6.5g throughout the day, but then I also read that you suggest 1-2 t of xylitol per 16oz of water. I drink 2 32 oz bottles of water a day, and I add 1 teas. of xylitol to each bottle. Is this too diluted? I’d hate to cheat my teeth out of xylitol’s benefits!

Thank you!


Hi B,

Thanks for your question. We know specific things about xylitol:

1. Studies all show that to maximize the benefits of xylitol – frequency is key.

2. It is essential to achieve a dosage of AT LEAST 5 grams a day – (if you want to keep plaque from forming and have dental benefits).
3. It makes sense to use xylitol AFTER anything acidic or sweet or if your mouth is dry – (since these are the foods and drinks that damage teeth and grow plaque).
4. How you consume the 5-10 grams a day ( dilutions etc. ) does not matter – or affect the outcome.
5. We know that once you reach a total of 10 grams a day – xylitol will not eradicate any additional bacteria – studies at the U Washington showed that there is a “plateau” effect for teeth at 10 grams.

I believe that finding a way to consume xylitol that fits with lifestyle is important.
It sounds as if you are doing great!

Do you also use the mouth rinse routine?
Are you battling any dental problems or is this maintenance?

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

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  • Alisha says:

    Hi Dr Ellie,

    Is it okay to make up the water and xylitol mixture and just. Use an an oral rinse throughout the day (instead of drinking. )?

    Thank you……

    • You can do this – and this will help reduce strep mutans ( plaque) but you will not have the remineralizing effects from eating xylitol as Zellies mints and gum. You will also miss out on the digestive and probiotic help that you get by consuming xylitol.

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