Zellies Rule: From an Informed Customer

Comment: Why has it taken 40 years for the message of xylitol to reach the US?

Here is a message I received the other day from a dentist colleague. Dr Maniken has done a lot of xylitol research at the University of Michigan.


1973-1974 I was a student and had IADS meetings in Finland and Holland.

Dr Makinen was supportive of the student exchange program. I remember him entertaining groups of students on his boat. The meeting in Holland in 1974 even included samples of the Xylitol gum in our welcome packets!

It is good to see the xlitol message reaching consumers. The 7th Day Adventist Bookstore in Gladstone carries a pure xylitol sugar in bags.

I also have purchased it from Healthy Habits, Arizona.

Now my choice is Zellies. We all benefit by knowing Dr Ellie Phillips!

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