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Ellie, thanks again for the information. I will check out your book.

However, is there data or have studies been done showing that your system is effective?
From the little research I was able to do, the indication is that enamel cannot be replaced once lost and that erosion cannot be reversed.

I also just checked out the website you provided to obtain a good, local dentist and have emailed the dentist for a consult – – why is this site reliable? For my area, there are a handful of dentists listed, and one dentist’s website was focused on aesthetics, which instantly concerned me. Thanks so much.


Hi D,

I have been teaching prevention for over 30 years.
I have alerted people to acidic damage and remineralization this entire time – as you will read in my book.
I have no idea why the US has remained 50 years behind the times with remineralization – and only recently started talking about acidity and its damage to teeth.

On children’s candy stickers in Europe kids learned about acidity 30 years ago – and also how to counteract this damage with xylitol.

The products that I recommend can all be purchased in a local Walgreens store.
My system is not glamorous – not expensive – and therefore may not impress you. I suggest trying it!

The group that formed AAOSH are tired of the status quo in dentistry. We understand that dental disease is a problem – for your entire body. The people involved in this organization have NOTHING to gain by paying dues – they are trying to learn from each other on how to eradicate disease and put patients’ health first – before $$.

Another group you may want to investigate is a group of “minimally invasive” dentists – http://www.WCMIdentistry.com Sadly – at this time – money is made from treatments – not preventing them!

I hope this is helpful for you,
Ellie (A preventive Dentist)

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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    This doesn't really answer a question about some data or studies backing up your system. Just pointing out.

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