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Hello Dr. Ellie:

It has been 6 months and after using your program religiously two times per day (Closys, crest paste, listerine, act, and xylitol) here’s the results:

6 months ago the dentist told me that my son’s bottom 6 year molars were coming in with cavities on them. So I emailed you and thus began the “routine.”

At Trent’s dentist checkup yesterday we got some bad news. His molars have malformed enamel on them which makes them come in discolored and weak. Whereas he has no cavities as of yet on them (that’s good) it will be a constant battle for him to keep those teeth.

But some good news is that the dentist said we were doing everything right and doing the best we could. He was happy that there were no cavities, and his teeth actually look bettter. They are not dark yellow with brown and black spots anymore..they are more a nice even yellowish color..with just a tan colored spot. Still not great but it could be worse.

They are going to put sealants on the two bottom molars and we will continue with the “routine.” and xylitol. Hopefully we can continue to strengthen those teeth. But they will never be a strong as a good properly formed tooth.

And his top front teeth are coming in nice and strong..that’s good!

If you have any advice/suggestions regarding this I would be glad to hear!

Thanks for all you help,


Hi B,

My guess would be that without this help your son would be either loosing these teeth or having root canals and crowns on them – plus a lifetime of associated problems from that.

Well done with your care!!!

If you continue with your routine – I expect things will get better and better!

Thanks for sending me the update – I love to keep in touch.

Remember it takes 6 months to clean the mouth – 6 more months to reverse problems and up to 2 years to see the kind of improvements that are possible on this system!!!

Here is a time line:


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