Challenge: Are Your Teeth Whiter?

Blog Friends: This is from a person who challenged us to ask you if your teeth were whiter after following the Complete Mouth Care System… So are they?? Read the email below & comment:

Hi, Dr Ellie.

On your website you say repeatedly that people on your system will notice that their teeth appear progressively whiter and whiter.  I understand the science of this from your blog, but what I don’t understand is why your blog pages aren’t full of people confirming that their teeth have indeed become whiter.  There are some people who have reported yellower teeth on your system, but none (as far as I can see) reporting whiter teeth.  Perhaps if you would publish this email on your site, people will respond to the challenge and write in with their success stories of whiter teeth.

Best wishes.


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  • susieloulou says:

    My teeth feel terrific. I haven't had a cavity in the two years I've been on the program. My tooth cleanings are now comfy, and my gums don't ache afterwards. I don't have morning breath. Even my previously sensitive spots are gone. But … I can't tell my teeth are whiter. They seem exactly the same.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that! It is wonderful to hear!

  • Kate says:

    We have only been doing this program for a week as I found a cavity in my 2 1/2yr old's tooth. But we decided as a whole family to do the program & I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth already – heaps whiter! So happy with the results & so easy & cheap!!

  • Big Fan Mom says:

    Not only are my teeth whiter, but from using xylitol they feel surreally clean. Sorry I can't type more, I'm on my mobile device and handling my 20 month old!

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