Teeth Staining

Hello Ellie! I hope this finds you well!

I just wanted to ask you something. My hygienist mentioned to me at my checkup that while my teeth overall were great, that they were more stained than they usually are. I blew it off (because I have tea every morning), but this morning I had another patient tell me the same thing.

Do you know what that is? Because a friend of mine didn’t have it, and he drinks coffee. And, most importantly, is there a way to reverse it? Mine was impressive enough that my hygienist thought that I should consider coming in every 4 months.



Hi M,

Staining after the first 6 months is normal for anyone who has changed their oral flora: Here is a link to my website – scroll to the bottom of the page: http://www.zelliescleanwhiteteeth.com/Zellie-Mouth-Care-System.aspx

“If you have heavily infected plaque deposits when you start using Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, dead bacteria may form a dark band of stain along the gum line. It can be easily cleaned off your teeth at your next dental cleaning and is unlikely to return if you remain on the system”.

The explanation is in the “time line”.
Dying plaque bacteria (that were attached to your cementum around the base of your teeth) will not loosen and fall. You need a dental cleaning to get them off your teeth BUT once removed, and when plaque is no longer forming – this will not return.

If you notice the stain returning AFTER THE FIRST 6 MONTHS there are 3 things to consider –
1) increase the amount of xylitol and make sure the system components are being used as suggested ( = ensure program is being used properly)
2) consider that someone else is infecting you ( and get them on the program)
3) revisit toothbrush hygiene and how and where you store it – ( in case it is re-infecting you).

Here is the time line of bacterial change – as bad bacteria die out and healthy flora takes their place:

So this is good news – kind of annoying but remember staining should only occur one time.
Imagine dead leaves in the fall – falling from the trees!
The difference in this case is – when gone – never to return!!

In haste – thanks for the message,


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